From Provence to Porto Montenegro ( English version )


Every one of my travels abroad ends up with me going in to an L'Occitane shop, and forgetting about time. Later they have to drag me out of the shop under my conditions. "Wait, let me just take this" or "Let me see how this smells!". It's an understatement saying that I love this brand, and that I'm glad that I won't have to wait untill my next travel to go there, because all of this will be available to me and everyone in a couple of months in Belgrade.

L'Occitane story begins in Provance, France, in the year 1976, which was started by Olivier Baussan. Inspired by mediterranean culture, he developed products for the care of the face and body, with attractive, natural and authentic smells.

L;OCCITANE brings you the magic of Provance, captured in simple products for the care of skin and smells made from the best and most efficient traditional ingredients. Inspired by the sacred Provancian art of life, L'OCCITANE products are rich with active ingredients and they are of wonderful smell. L'Occitane contains in their collections: Shea butter, Olive oil, lavender, honey, nuts, green tea, white tea, orange, roses, vanilla... For example I only use shampoo and hair regenerator made from Vervain, and my hair smells amazing and it doesn't fall off, it shines and I have the feeling that when I touch it, it's like I'm touching my hair from when I was a child, when it was natural, healthy and not damaged.

And immortelle... I had no idea what it was, even though it grows in my backyard. It smells wonderfully, and it is used as a alternative for curry.

For those who don't know what immortelle would be. That is when you go on vacation, and you go near the sea, and through the hot air, a sudden smell of nature hits you. It's usually from rocks. You think it is because you finally are out of the city, and off the airport, and you would be right. But only partially, that is because you came to a part where immortelle grows. It is a indistinguishable plant - for many. A short green bush which grows naturally right next to the sea, on top of a rock or a small part of dirt. It survives even though it is on the hot sun, and without any water. Even in August, you can find it's flower. Even though it mainly grows in July, and that with a yellow flower with a defining intense smell. The flower dries up and the dried up flowers smell through out the entire year, and with the same intensity. But this immortelle isn't used for cosmetics, but the one from the south of Italy. That is a more 'premium' sort, so to say. That is why hair regeneration and eternal youth products use immortelle. Because this plant survives everything, the furnace of the Sun, on the little dust and water that it lives on, and it's always beautiful and smells wonderful.
And Lavender..
Well I don't think there is any need to explain one of the best smelling plants on the earth. I plant it all over the house, dry it up and put it in to little bags, and leave them in wardrobes and closets. The bag smells even after three years of life. In L'Occitane I found bags for the house, and they have amaaazing ones with the smell of lavender and vervain. They are in my car, and leave the impression that I am in nature. They relax and whenever I enter my car, I want to immediately drive to the sea. And when the day is bad, the smell brings you to this amazing, lazy state, and you feel like you're on a balcony on a calm summer night, with the sound of waves in the backgrounds.

Whatever you touch from this rich collection, you won't regret it. Skin after these products stays soft, smooth and silk like. And did I mention that it smells wonderful!

The soaps are amazing, they last long and they don't destroy the skin, which is the case with most soaps. I have to say that when I was at Porto Montenegro in the hotel "Regent" 
I was able to use L'Occitane products, and when such a complex has teamed up with this cosmetic company, it is easy to see the quality of the products, and it deserves much more praise than it has.

A review of some of these products, you can expect soon. In the meantime please write what L'Occitane product, if any, you use, and what you think of the products! xo xo! 

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