Beautiful Ljubljana of my heart ( English )


On my list of cities in which I would love to live, Ljubljana was always found 
in the top 3. Always... It's the compatability that I was talking about...
it's the same with cities as with people, either you are compatible or not.
If I were to leave out the small group of people dear to me who live there, and
watch unbiasedly at Ljubljana, I would have the same opinion.
I don't go there often.
After all of the horrible events that took place, I made a pause that lasted more than a decade.
It's the same when you don't see a good friend for years, and when you finally do, have coffee together, it's like you were together just yesterday. The interaction flows... The same happened to me with Ljubljana.
The story continiued. But in my very short visits I didn't have the opportunity to see everything
I wanted to, or talk to all of my dear friends... but there's still time. There'll be more opportunities.
Life always seems to create them. 
When the good people from the site discoverer asked me what I recommend foreigners to see in Ljubljana, I sat down shocked and asked my self: "What do you love in Ljubljana?".

I love the city, the mornings, the shades of green, the feeling of being in an older time, the beautiful
clean streets, dozens of cafes next to the Ljubljanica, I love to eat ice cream in the Cacau,
long walks in Park Tivoli, meals in the restaurant As, aswell as Odprta - one of the main Friday events
(unique food market, the best chefs from all over Slovenia), I love the Congress Square, Ljubljana winters, and the amazing atmosphere once Christmas time comes around.

What's the first sight to see in Ljubljana?

Of course Prešeren Square, the statue of poet France Prešeren in the heart of the city. When you go from the square to the other side of river Ljubljanica, you have to go over Tromostovje (Triple bridge), where there is no traffic. In the past, automobiles could go over the middle bridge, and the two side bridges were for walking. There is also a church in the square which you should visit.

While on the topic of bridges, don't skip Butchers' Bridge and Dragon bridge. 

On the hill in the centre of city, there is the Ljubljana Castle, which you couldn't skip even if you wanted to. The view over the town is very unique, perfect selfie spot. You can see a former prison Lutkovni museum, Erazmov tower and The Rustic Gallery.
When you go down in to the old city, you will come across a multitude of small shops with unique objects for sale.
These shops won the battle against global brands here, despite the large amount of tourists.

By all means go to the city market: You will think that you are in a pharmacy, and if you by chance happen to stumble there by night (like me), you will never be able to guess that there are stands there during the day filled with fruits and vegetables. There's no sign nor clue of a market there... Everything is cleaned up, and set away for the next day...

 As far as "Odprta kichen" goes , it's become a tradition by now. A multitude of stands with delicious meals of Slovenian, as well as worldwide origin, all of that every Friday from May to October. For some 5€ you eat top notch food from expensive restaurants, even though they're on plastic plates. But a person should experience everything.
If you ask me, this is an excellent project, good for tourism and catering aswell as profit.
On first sight, Ljubljana is a calm town, but upon closer inspection it is filled with tourists. Nights are usually quiet, as the city is dead after 22h, but there are people in cafes. It's not like we are used to in Belgrade, but it has it's upside aswell. And Ljubljana is a town that suits my standards perfectly. Not to large, nor small, the location is perfect, as Italy, Austria, the sea, skiing, mountains are all nearby.

Where to stay in Ljubljana?
It all depends on the size of your wallet. Look on Booking, dozens of small hotels have grown in the last few years.
And you won't make a mistake. It doesn't matter where you stay, you can get to the centre by foot.
My choices-Hotel Cubo, Best Western Premier Slon, Grand Hotel Union. 
Go around Park Tivoli aswell. Park Tivoli is to Ljubljana as Central Park is to New York. You also have a castle there, and the youth partaking in sports. In Ljubljana, the majority of people are active in sports, whether they are cycling, jogging or something else, they lead a very healthy lifestyle. Unlike us.

Where to eat in Ljubljana?

Definitely As restaurant. (Gostilna As)
Every time I paid them a visit, they were full to the brim. So make a reservation beforehand.

There are tons of small restaurants along the Ljubljanica, on both sides.

Last time we went to the TaBar, on a recommendation from a good friend. It's a nice place, on the other side of the river
from Prešeren Square. It's not difficult to find. Interesting catering, TaBar is very different and worth a visit.
The very interesting part is that they have cheese, which stays 70 meters (230ft) under ground for 6 months- JAMAR Zidaric.

There is a lot of great wine in Ljubljana, with great wine shops such as Vinoteka Movia.

 You can buy wine from all over Slovenia.
If I'm not mistaken there is a great wine shop on the Square which used to be the Jewish part of town, and was reconstructed.

You can also visit BTC City if you are a shopping addict. It is huge and has an Aqua park.

This illustration is inspired by my post...It is made by my friend Marija Sojic 

I want you to wake up in Ljubljana, it will truly be a wake up you will remember for the rest
of your life. In the centre of town, with the chirping of birds, like in the middle of a meadow.
I just can't figure out what bird that is?
 Have you visited Ljubljana?

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